Simple Ways To Save Upwards Of $700 A Week

April 3, 2019

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Financial advisors stress the fact that we need to save money. But with 78% of workers stating they live paycheck to paycheck, savings is virtually impossible.  That's why we're gonna tackle the impossible and offer some fairly simple ways to save around $737 a week without sacrificing your lifestyle.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that you spend an average of $164 a day, when you consider mortgage/rent, utilities, transportation and such. We spend around $34 a day just on food for the family.  So instead of doing the big grocery haul on Sunday, challenge yourself to create a meal made solely out of ingredients you have left in the refrigerator and the pantry. You probably already know that social media can lead to lower self-esteem and even depression, but did you know that your favorite social network could also be putting a major dent in your wallet? A study found heavy uses of all social medial platforms tap into your emotional brain and cause you to spend extra money either with ideas or envy. Pinterest users, in particular, spend an average of $170 extra per visit, which is 70% more than Facebook and Twitters visits. So take a break or at the very least restrict visits and police your pocketbook when you think of hitting the purchase button. Home repair projects are expensive but there are many you can do no your own and thanks to YouTube, there are a seemingly limitless stream of tutorials that can empower you to do the repair yourself and save. On average we spend $3 a day of coffee, so consider committing to an only water week or purchase a $3 bag of coffee and brew your own before leaving for work. Finally, have you considered negotiating with a recurring bill?  You could save upwards of $50 a month by simply calling you cable company, Internet provider, car insurance, gym membership and even your credit card company to ask for a lower rate.  The worse that can happen is they say no and maybe that will give you enough of a reason to think "do I really need this?"

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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