Couple Of Ways To Boost Up The Scare Of Your Halloween Costume

October 22, 2018

© Alexander Raths Dreamstime

Halloween is a week from Wednesday and if you're looking to boost up the scare of your costume we've got a few pointers for you! Apply makeup that only appears under ultraviolet LEDs. You can paint your skin with glowing scars, creepy eye makeup, and veiny hands...that only appear under ultraviolet light. Add some UV LEDs to your costume, and you’ll be able to turn this makeup on and off with a switch. A lower tech but still effective look similar UV-reactive makeup that does appear under normal light but produces fluorescence in the presence of a blacklight. Play undead with no pulse. If you’re going to be one of the legion of Halloween zombies, use this simple trick to freak people out when they can't feel your pulse. Get a rubber ball and hide it under your armpit. When you ask someone to take your pulse from your wrist, squeeze the ball in your armpit. This will temporarily block your radial artery, which delivers pulsing blood to your wrist. Search as they might, your friend won’t detect the tell-tale sign of life.

SOURCE: Popular Science

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