Porch Pirates Return Stolen Package Along With A Handwritten Apology

July 1, 2019

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Porch Pirates hit a new low last week when two women stole a delivered pancake from the porch of the Vick family of Delaware.  While stealing a delivered package is inexcusable, this package was very special.  The Vicks have a 5-year old son named Timothy Vick Jr. He was diagnosed with autism when he was two-years-old and made a connection with WWE wrestling.  He watches every episode and routinely wrestles with his siblings and parents for fun.  So when the Vicks learned Timothy Jr. was diagnosed with a brain tumor last October, they struggled with how to break the news gently to their son.  So they began to save their money to give their child something he would never forget, a realistic WWE Pro Championship Wrestling Belt. The Vicks had saved up close to $2,000 to not only purchase the championship belt but ship it across country to Washington to Sergio Moreira, a designer whom they commissioned to swap out the plastic gems for cubic zirconia and make other alterations so the belt would be as authentic as possible. However when the belt arrived in Washington, the box was stolen by two women. The police were alerted as well as the Vicks who were devastated. But after the surveillance video was released by police and media attention of the horrible deed made its way through the community, the two women apparently got wind of it. Within a few days, the two women returned to the home of Sergio Moreira with the wrestling belt they stole along with four-page handwritten apology. The letter stated the women were sorry for stealing the package.  They too were mothers of a 6-year old, are addicted to drugs and had hoped to make a quick buck from selling the contents of the package.  The letter went on to say they "never wanted to steal a child's hope." The women went on to say that Timmy is the "real hero," and asked for forgiveness. Moreira says he is elated to have the belts back in his possession, does not want to press charges, but wants the women to get the help they need. The Vicks agree, but say the two would not have returned it unless they were caught on camera and are torn on whether or not they feel the two women should be prosecuted, but officials say this will ultimately be left to prosecutors. In the meantime, Moreira says Timmy's belt should be ready for shipment in about three weeks.

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