That Peeling Garlic Viral Video Hack Does Not Really Work

June 24, 2019

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Thanks to online videos through social media, you recently learned that you've been eating a burrito the wrong way (Thanks Justin Bieber).

As well as eating pineapple.

The latest viral video shows us how to properly peel a garlic clove using a knife blade to poke it, give it a twist and it easily comes out of the clove completely peeled.

While the video is hypnotizing and simplistic with a "why didn't I think of that" thought, it isn't necessarily true.  Much like the side-eating burrito hack from The Beibs and the pineapple peel fail, the garlic hack doesn't appear to work like shown. In fact Helen Rosner from America's Test Kitchen had to seek medical attention after attempting it. While the viral video seems legit, speculation offers a reason; it's the type of garlic clove.  The video appears to be using hardnecked garlic, which is not the same type found in most grocery stores. Of course that would’ve been handy to know ahead of time before slicing open your hand! But it might be worth saving the time, aggravation and trip to the emergency room by peeling garlic simply by pulling out a section from the bulb, cracking the outer skin and peeling it.

SOURCE: Skillet

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