It Is Very Likely You Are Feeding Your Car Wrong

November 9, 2018

Every cat owner knows that mealtime is of the upmost importance for our feline friends.  The endless meowing that greets us every morning has become our alarm clock! However the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) says this method, along with an automatic feeder and cracking open a bag to get them running into the kitchen are all wrong. Mainly it’s because it's unnatural for a cat to eat on regimented times. Receiving one or two large meals a day, often without consideration of the cat's actual energy requirements, and normally only at the same spot in the household can lead to boredom and just like humans, cats eat when they're bored and often when they're not even hungry. So the AAFP has some recommendations. Invest in a puzzle feeder.  It encourages your cat to slow down and use their brains to get their food instead of just gobbling up the kibble from a dish. Another method (and a bit more natural) is to have your cat forage for food. The AAFP recommends placing food in different locations around the house, allowing your cat to find the food while exercising a bit. Elevated spots, if your cat's health permits, are especially encouraged. Break up meal times. Instead of feeding the cat only once or twice a day, food should be spread out across the day. ot only will that slow them down while eating, it also means that those pesky meows when you're trying to sleep in will probably occur less often as your cat isn't starving. Know what your cat needs. Truth be told, many of us probably don't know how many calories our cat needs. Checking with the vet about the cat's health includes asking about their diet. Being aware of this will also allow you to adjust food intake as the cat ages or health conditions change.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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