Yes, The #VansChallenge Is Silly And Yes, It Is Fun!

March 7, 2019

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 One of the joy of being young is doing silly things that older people simply don't understand. While the Tide Pod Challenge was extremely dangerous, the Bottle Flip Challenge, where you flip a bottle of water hoping it lands right-side up, was all the rage last summer.  Now there's a new challenge involving throwing an item in the air.  The Vans Challenge involves sneaker owners taking off their Van's shoes and tossing them up in the air with the idea they mimic a cat and always land facing up.  Based on many of the #VansChallenge videos that have gone viral, the answer appears to be "most of the time." The clips below show shoe after shoe landing on the floor, with each one ending up rubber sole-side-down and laces-up. Even when a shoe initially lands upside down or on its side, it often corrects itself by rolling into the "right" position. The challenge has been applied to many varieties of Vans, including laced sneakers and the classic checkered slip-ons. Some scientific research is still required to determine whether Vans really do tend to land face-up or if these videos just show coincidences.  In the past, a study found that after 10,000 trials, toast landed butter-side-down 62% of the time!

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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