Clothing Vanity Sizing Decoded Based On Brand

August 21, 2019

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Vanity sizing might make you "feel better" about ourselves in wearing clothes size smaller than usual but it can be nightmare considering how much shopping has moved online.  While there are many websites that have you enter your measurements, can figure out vanity sizing for other brands by telling them which brand fits you best. So if Ann Taylor's small top fits you best, a Victoria's Secret size 4 and a Diesel 6 would fit you best.  The fashion website, Rockd, has an infographic that not only let you know which brand indicates which brands tend to run small, large or average. Not only that, but it shows the percentage of men and women wearing a size “small” who have to buy a size up or down when shopping these brands. In a snapshot, Loft, J. Crew, Gap and Banana Republic sizes tend to run larger than normal (size down), while Nike, Forever 21, Zara and American Apparel run smaller than normal (size up).  Clothing lines that are spot on with their sizing are Express, Old navy, H&M and American Eagle. The chart covers men sizing too (yes, vanity sizing is used in men's clothing). J. Crew, Express and Gap tend to run larger than normal (size down), while Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch run smaller (size up). CLICK HERE to view the chart.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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