Vampire Power Wasting Americans Hundreds Of Dollars Annually

November 6, 2019

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For years we've known that even though they are not being used, electronics and appliances draw some electricity. Known as "phantom" or "vampire" electricity, these devices consume electricity while in stand-by/sleep mode.  Even your device chargers, charging your device or not, are drawing electricity.  But how much and is it costing you a lot of money? The Natural Resources Defense Council says the cost of plugged-in but not used devices is about $165 per household, or $19 billion across the U.S. That amounts to about 44 million tons of carbon dioxide, or 4.6% of the country’s total residential electricity generation is wasted. The Department of Energy says around 25% of our energy bill is wasted on vampire power loss. While it may not be practical to unplug all devices that are on standby (TVs and computers), if you were to unplug 10 occasionally or rarely-used electronics and appliances, you'd save around $20 a year.  Considering the average home has 65 electronic devices drawing vampire power loads, your savings could add up quickly and your environmental impact can be reduced without changing your lifestyle!

SOURCE: Mother Natue Network

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