Hack To Find Lost Small Jewelry

February 12, 2019

© Anatoly Maslennikov | Dreamstime

Lost the back of your earring somewhere in couch? Perhaps the diamond of your wedding ring fell out of it's setting into the abyss of a fluffy rug. Not to worry in recovering those tiny items with this hack. All you need is a vacuum, hair tie and a pair of stockings. Make sure the vacuum hose is free of attachments.  Then wrap a pair of stretched stockings around the end of it, making sure not to leave any holes. Secure the stockings with a hair tie and then turn it on.  Wave it around the area you believe your item was lost as the suction should be able to pull your lost jewelry towards you. But the stocking will stop it from being sucked up into the machine and you'll be able to easily grab your lost item.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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