Use Waxed Paper To Keep The Top Of Your Refrigerator And Cabinets Clean

June 30, 2020

Sometimes, the smallest spaces have the most potential to get messy. Take the top of your refrigerator, and the top of your upper cabinets (if they aren’t built all the way up to the ceiling). These spots are total magnets for grease and dust. And, not only do these out-of-sight spaces seem to accumulate more grime than other parts of your kitchen, but they’re also harder to reach, which means they’re more annoying to clean. The next time you open a new box of wax paper, tear off a few sheets. Then, use them to line the top of your fridge and cabinets. The waxy surface acts like a magnet to collect the dust and grime. And because they are out of your lien of sight, they are not an eyesore. When is it time to toss the dirty wax paper and re-apply a new layer? Well it isn't a time-sensitive activity, a good rule of thumb is to replace those sheets on the top of your cabinets and refrigerator every time you buy a new box of wax paper. Just remember to start with clean slate when applying for the first time. Use a degreasing product or straight-up lemon juice to cut through the sticky layer before laying down the waxed paper. 

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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