Confirm The Temperature Setting Of Your refrigerator

May 15, 2019

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Frosty milk. Spoiling meat. These are indications that your refrigerator is set to the wrong temperature. The FDA recommends keeping your refrigerator at or below 40° F and your freezer 0° F o keep your food fresh longest and prevent foodborne illnesses. To make sure your refrigerator is hitting the proper temperature, invest in a separate thermometer. As with an oven, temperatures aren't always distributed evenly.  The coldest parts of your refrigerator are the back, and the bottom. The back because the cooling element is there, and the bottom because warm air rises. You may find your produce crisper is too warm or cold based on the thermometer setting usually near the top of the fridge.  Using a thermometer you can move around will better allow you to set the proper setting. Make sure to keep your refrigerator full. With an empty fridge, every time you open and close the door you cycle most of the air in it, replacing the cooled air with warmer air, which has then to be cooled again. With a full fridge, there’s not only less air to be cycled and re-cooled, all the other items that have been cooled stay in the fridge. The presence of many items in the fridge may also reduce the airflow when opening and closing the door. Just make sure it isn't too packed that restricts the flow of cool air. The same is true for the freezer. Finally make sure your refrigerator air vents are kept clear. Air needs to pass unimpeded between the freezer and refrigerator in order to keep the temperature steady. If you’re seeing frost in your fridge, make sure there isn’t a wayward loaf of bread stuffed up against the air vent, preventing circulation. You should be able to find a guide for your particular refrigerator model online.

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