Easiest Way To Prevent A Leaky Ice Cream Cone

July 2, 2019

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Walking outdoors with an ice cream cone in hand is one of the most pleasurable parts of summer. That is, until your perfectly scooped ice cream starts to melt. When that happens, it doesn't take long for your relaxing stroll to turn into a race to stop your hand from becoming a sticky mess. While you can link the drips from the top of your cone, there's very little you can do when it starts to leak from the bottom. However if you toss in a mini-marshmallow before  the scoops of ice cream are added, you'll add a squishy plug that absorbs any liquid ice cream that melts and prevents it from dripping onto your hand. And when you reach the bottom of your cone, you'll have a delicious, ice cream-soaked marshmallow waiting for you as a bonus treat. Simply ask the ice cream scooper at the store to do it beforehand and enjoy your cool treat on a hot day!

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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