Use A Laundry Mesh Mag For Small Items In Your Dishwasher

October 23, 2018

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When you bought a laundry mesh bag, most likely it was to protect delicate fabrics in the wash. Perhaps it was to keep small items, like socks, from disappearing into the laundry abyss.  But that seemingly single task mesh bag can serve a purpose in your dishwasher.  Just like in your clothes washer, placing small items that you wash in the dishwasher will keep them together and out of the bottom of the unit. An added benefit is the flexibility of using a mesh bag with your dishes. Rather than sticking them into the silverware caddy, you can optimize space by putting small items in the mesh bag and placing on the top rack. Other kitchen items that we probably don't clean as often as we should (or as well as we could) are perfect candidates for the mesh bag treatment: Sponges, silicone scrubbers, cleaning brushes, stainless steel straws (they slip through the holes of the silverware caddy), and tiny bottle brushes come to mind. Baby and kid items are another category of things that could benefit from a laundry-bagged spin in the dishwasher. You can buy a basket especially designed for baby bottle items, but an inexpensive laundry bag contains them just as well. Once you begin thinking of little things that are arduous to wash but that really could use a good strong cleaning, the laundry bag really comes into play. Action figures, bath toys, and LEGOs are just a few examples.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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