Hang Framed Pictures With The Help Of A Fork

February 7, 2019

ID 6231372 © Lihui | Dreamstime.com

Hanging a framed picture on your wall sounds simple enough but it can be a real struggle to get the nail to catch the wire behind the framed item to catch; that is until now.  A simple enough hack you’ll find handy next time you are fishing around with a heavy piece of art to hang in your living room. All you need is a hammer, nail and fork from your silverware drawer.  A salad or dinner fork will be sufficient.  First, hammer the nail into the wall.  Then take your fork and slide it down so that the nail rest in between any of the fork tines. The fork handle should be protruding outward from the wall.  Then simply slide the wall art wire behind the fork handle and let it catch the nail. Then lift the fork off the nail and you're done! Instead of scraping the back of the frame against the wall for several minutes, hoping in vain that the wire will catch against the nail, the fork is used to guide the wire on to the nail in a snap.  

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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