Restore Your Faded Black Jeans

November 4, 2019

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From the second you purchase a pair of black jeans, the clock begins to tick on their lifespan.  Even after a couple of carefully-timed washings can result in fading. But we've got a "why didn't I think of that" moment that can breathe new life into any faded pair of jeans. Dye. Yep, plunging your jeans into a tub of dye (not food coloring) is all you need, as well as salt, a wooden spoon, rubber gloves, a pot and some super-hot water. The process can get a little messy, so you may want to lay down paper or drop cloth around.  It’s best to have access to a utility sink, or a non-white porcelain sink too. Fill a large pot with very hot water (not quite boiling), enough to fully submerge the jeans and turn off the heat source. Carefully empty the contents of the bottle of Rit color dye. Add a ½ cup of salt and stir until dissolved. (Or follow the directions on the bottle, if you’re using dye fixative.) This will lock the color into the fabric. Now slowly dip the jeans into the pot, letting them absorb the water. Gently swirl the pants around in the pot so the dye is evenly distributed. Let the jeans soak for up to 30 minutes, then lift them from the water, and carefully wring out as much excess liquid as possible (a bucket, utility sink or non-white porcelain sink). Rise in cool water, kneading and wringing them out until the water runs clean.  Then wash in cold water on gentle cycle with a small amount of liquid laundry detergent, and lay flat to dry, making sure they are with like-colored items. Then call up your friends for a night on the town in your freshly dyed super black jeans you love!

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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