Florida's Public Universities Ranked Best In The Country

May 17, 2019

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While our state tends grab national headlines with outrageous stories from "Florida Man," US News and World Report says that Florida is the number one state for a college education! The ranking is based on several factors, including what percentage of citizens in each state hold college degrees, and how long it takes on average to complete two-year and four-year courses. Also measured are the costs tuition and fees in the state, and how much debt graduates leave college with. The number one ranking was reflected by three of our universities making the top 100 in US News and World Report's rating of colleges, with Florida State University ranking 70th overall, the University of Miami 53rd and the University of Florida at 35th. Florida’s university system Board of Governors, which oversees our 12 public universities says all have been improving with a 9.5% increase in graduation rates over the past five years and a 31 per cent fall in cost for students of gaining a bachelor's degree. The average student now pays a whopping $9,450 for a bachelor's degree after financial aid is factored in. Massachusetts won on pre-K-12 education, New Hampshire was first for opportunity and Washington was rated the best in overall education in the country.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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