Facebook Pages The Share Delivery Drivers Interactions With Dogs

May 15, 2019

© Sergey Lavrentev | Dreamstime

The interactions between parcel carriers and dogs has long been portrayed as adversarial. However there is a Facebook page that is working to reverse that stereotype.  UPS Dogs shares pictures of dogs UPS delivery workers see on their mail routes. The page shows cute dogs of various breeds kissing, cuddling, and accepting treats from the brown-uniformed UPS workers who pay them a visit during the day. Since its inception in 2013, UPS Dogs has grown in popularity and is a refreshing break from what you may be used to seeing in your Facebook feed. There's even a Fedex and a U.S. Postal Service version which shows out four-legged friend in the delight they have when a parcel is being delivered to their home.

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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