Upgrade Your Laundry Room

February 15, 2019

ID 71517575 © Patpong Rattanamanee | Dreamstime.com

Our love-hate relationship with laundry is universal.  We love clean clothes but hate having to sort, wash, dry and fold them.  But a new tweaks to your routine can made this relationship more bearable. Why not install a drying rod in the laundry room or even over the machines themselves. That way you can stick delicate items right on their hangers and leave them to dry. There’s nothing worse than losing a sock behind the machines, so add a shelf behind your washer and dryer.  Not only will it hide those power cables, water hoses and dryer vent, it will give you added workspace and storage and keep items from falling behind them. Take a tip from the garage and add a peg board to your laundry room. This will allow you to hang baskets to hold detergent, fabric softener and even duffle bag which can hold your separated laundry rather than taking up space on shelves or the floor.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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