Employees Have Limits To Casual Fridays

October 4, 2019

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Casual Friday isn't universal across all offices but it is something many allow, where we can wear a pair of jeans instead of slacks and don on a t-shirt.  While someone wearing yoga pants and flip-flops may have been a little too casual ten years ago, it barely causes a ripple in many office. But what is causing concern for many workers is the super casual that is creeping in the workplace. Dogs running free, group lunches and ping-pong games all seem good on paper in keeping morale high and retaining good employees, a new survey found most employees do not want the lines between personal and professional lives blurred. In fact, new data found a “silent majority” of workers who prefer to come to the office, get their work done, and skip the socializing. This cuts across all ages and generations with 52% believing hugging is inappropriate in a professional environment. 66% don’t think coworkers should be allowed to bring dogs to work. 63% deem “athleisure” attire inappropriate for the workplace. And 63% keep their social media private from their coworkers.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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