Body Temperatures And Types Of Thermometers

June 3, 2020

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As more businesses open from the COVID19 lock down, you'll notice your body temperature is going to be checked more often than ever before.  So it may be worth knowing a bit more of what normal body temperature is as what we think is normal body temperate is not so anymore.  We've been taught that normal body temperature is 98.6°F, which was established by two 19th-century researchers as an average of more than a million people. But today's methods have discovered that the average body temperature is at a lower 97.8°F. However 100.4°F still remains the threshold of a fever and that's the number that will prevent you from entering many establishments in a world of coronavirus.  So knowing your temperature before leaving will become important and that means you may want to update your thermometer and method of taking your temperature. You can take your temperature orally (most common), rectally (infants), in your armpit, or on your forehead. An ear or rectal temperature reading will usually be higher than one taken orally. A temperature taken in the armpit will usually be lower and is not as accurate as the other methods. Forehead strip thermometers are not as accurate as digital thermometers. Non-contact infrared thermometers, which are most likely the one you'll encounter in public spaces takes your temperature without physically touching you and in a world of coronavirus, that a good thing.  Although preliminary work on this newer technology shows fairly accurate and reliable results, more research will need to be done.  As for your old glass thermometer with mercury, it's time to dispose of it at your local household hazardous waste (HHW) facility and not in the garbage can. The heavy metal mercury is poisonous and is not as accurate as digital thermometers. Although unpleasant, the most accurate way to measure body temperature is with a rectal thermometer.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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