Two Hungry Eaters Start Buffet Brawl And Duel With Tongs Over Crab Legs

March 1, 2019

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Everyone loves a good deal and people are passionate over crab legs.  So it should be no surprise that two people were arrested at a restaurant after a dispute over crab legs ended in a tong duel! The brawl happened last Friday night at the Meteor Buffet in Huntsville, Alabama where John Chapman and Chequita Jenkins were standing in line waiting for crab legs to be placed on the buffet. Apparently the anticipation of succulent crab legs as the platter of freshly prepared crab legs made it to the buffet. An off-duty police offer recalls that he had just sat down to eat when he heard the clammer of people saying they cut me in line. She cut me in line. He cut me in line. I was here first. The next thing he heard was plates shattering, which was enough of an attention-getter for the off-duty cop to get involved.  He arrived as Jenkins and Chapman were using service tongs like fencing swords for the honor of claiming the crab legs prize! Chequita  Jenkins was charged with assaulting John Chapman, who suffered a cut on his head and Chapman was charged with disorderly conduct. The two crustacean champions ended up paying a few hundred dollars in fines for the damage.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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