TSA Wants Floppy Ear Dogs

January 4, 2019


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says it'll transition away from pointy-eared dogs over the next several years, in favor of less-intimidating canines with floppy ears. About 80% of the TSA's 1,200 canines come from sporting or hunting breeds with floppy ears, including Labrador retrievers, German shorthaired pointers, wirehaired pointers and golden retrievers. They're now preferred over German shepherds and Belgian Malinois with pointy or cone-shaped ears because they're just not as intimidating in airport screenings. However pointy-eared dogs won't be automatically disqualified from future gigs. Pointy-eared dogs with high scores on health, odor detection, socialization, and disposition can still find TSA work, but they're more likely to be assigned to bomb-sniffing duty than to be among the 400 dogs tasked with screening passengers.

SOURCE: Newser

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