Try Not Being Happy

August 15, 2018

© Anton Estrada | Dreamstime

Are you truly happy?  According to a survey of Americans last year, only 33% said they were actually happy.  Perhaps the number is low because we put too much emphasis on being happy? That's the conclusion of researchers who say that overemphasizing happiness can make people more likely to obsess over failure and negative emotions when they inevitably do happen, bringing them more stress in the long run. Researchers say  that happiness is a good thing, but setting it up as something to be achieved tends to fail and it changes how people respond to their negative emotions and experiences, leading them to feel worse. In fact the two studies underscores the importance of knowing and accepting that feeling unhappy sometimes is just as normal and healthy. In fact the study suggests that experiencing negative emotions can ultimately boost happiness, and another new study finds that stressful or unpleasant situations may help people process bad news. So it's okay to not be happy for a time as it should eventually come back, but stressing about when it comes back may be an never-ending cycle of stress.


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