Triggers That Cause Us To Grab Our Phones And How To Break That Habit

May 29, 2019

Reaching for your phone in moments of silence, or because you simply struggle to disconnect, can be socially rude and emotionally tiring. Researchers believe they have identified four common triggers that prompt us to take our phones out and regardless of age, we all apparently to have the same triggers. So know them may be key in breaking that habit of constantly reaching for our device. Number one on the list is to use your phone during unoccupied moments. The problem is that a little bit of boredom might be good for us. There’s evidence that it aids creative thought in that our minds can wander when they're idle. There’s no magic trick for weaning yourself off the impulse to reach for your phone every single time you’ve got nothing else to do—except for just being aware of the impulse and trying not to give into it. The next time you arrive back from lunch early, try staring into space for five minutes rather than staring at your phone screen. Another bad phone habit is to check it before or during tedious and repetitive tasks. In a boring meeting? Reach or your phone, right? It’s natural that when your mind gets trapped in something tedious and repetitive, it wants to escape. While you can't pretend that tedious and repetitive tasks are more interesting than what is on your phone, but constantly switching back and forth from your phone is going to make those dull tasks your duty-bound to do take much, much longer. Finally, anticipating a message or notification. Checking a phone every few minutes because we’re expecting an incoming text, or call, or email is a horrible habit. It takes you out of the moment and that's perhaps a time you may want to reassess your priorities. Remember, it’s okay for your mind to wander for a bit or continue a conversation with a friend without being distracted by checking for a return call/text. Simply place it down. Phones have a wonderful way of alerting you when an incoming call or text is received.  You’ll see or hear it when your call arrives.

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