Two Hacks That Make Box Brownies Taste Like Your Own Recipe

September 27, 2018

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Let’s face it, not everyone can cook. So we turn to items that are pre measured and come with detailed cooking instructions. The only problem is these food taste like they're from a box. For brownie lovers, it can leave you wanting more and fortunately we have a couple of hacks to boost the taste of those boxed brownies. The first one is simple as all recipes call for vegetable oil, the blandest of oils!  So substitute vegetable oil with olive oil. In fact, you can experiment with different types of oils from avocado to pistachio oils.  Each will give your brownies a slightly different flavor and texture.  The other hack is to sprinkle a few grains of coarse granular sea salt into your batter.  Both hack will instantly change your bland boxed brownies into a genuine homemade recipe...and we'll keep the boxed part secret!

SOURCE: Skillet

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