Tricks To Get The Kids Moving in The Morning

January 24, 2019

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Parents know the most difficult challenge of the day is right at the beginning! Getting the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door on time is no easy feat. Packing up lunches, stuffing homework into backpacks and having shoes ready and waiting by the door are a few of the basics that most parents have learned to save time and frustration in the morning. But if you want to up your get-out-the-door game, here are a few similar tricks.  Set your breakfast table the night before. Pouring out the kid's cereal (and covering) in the bowl, prepping the coffee machine and filling water glasses can save a few precious minutes of morning time. For families with babies, simply setting up the highchair with the baby bowl, spoon, bib, sippy cup, and jar of mush can make a huge difference. Create a kids lunch-making station in your fridge. Just buy a few plastic bins and stock them with grab-and-go lunch components, like string cheese, yogurt pouches, or little baggies of fruit and veggies. Then place them on a refrigerator shelf that your kids can reach. Of course you’re still doing some of the initial legwork, but they’re gaining autonomy by making sure their lunches are complete. If all else fails, just leave! An expert of parenting says that if your young child is resisting the morning schedule (or stalling in other ways), walk out the door. Don’t yell, don’t nag, don’t threaten. Simply walk out the door, stand outside and wait. Stand there for five or 10 minutes or however long it takes your kid to get moving. And if they’re older and you’ve established your expectations, you can leave.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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