One-Piece Inflatable Suit Aims To Make Traveling Easy

November 26, 2018

Whoever said that when it comes to traveling, getting there is half the fun, obviously never flew economy! Form long TSA lines to crowded aisles, air travel is grueling to say the least.  Thankfully we now have The Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit, which is a jumpsuit designed for air travel.  Created by the Onepiece Company, which has been selling comfortable jumpsuits since 2007, says their Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit is making long-haul travel comfortable with a jumpsuit that has inflatable neck pillows that inflate in seconds to prevent back and neck pain. The instant black out pull down snooze mask blocks out outside light, plus a hood zipper adds extra darkness and warmth around your head.  No worries about your personal items as they're stored in inside pockets that can easily be removed for the TSA x-ray scans.   When Mother Nature calls, a back flap that unzips makes a trip to t eh bathroom easy. The Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit will come in black and midnight blue, in sizes XXS to XXL and will retail for $269 starting in April 2019.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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