Vacation Company Plans Your Trip Without You Know Where You're Going

April 23, 2019

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Planning a vacation takes time, and the truth is, time is not something most people usually have a lot of. Fortunately there is a company like Pack Up + Go, which helps time-starved vacation-hungry travelers a much needed helping hand by planning your entire trip for you! All you have to do is tell them your budget and fill out a survey. The catch? They pick the location for you and keep you in the dark as to where you're planning to visit. The financial benefit is the company says your trip will not go over budget.  If you want to send $1,000 per person, they'll plan out until the maximum is reached (minus a service fee of 10%-15%). Travelers pay Pack Up + Go for the trip upfront (or opt to pay off the trip over a six-month period) and they’ll book your plane ticket, hotel, and take care of researching your destination for no additional fee. A week before you’re due to travel, you’ll receive an email with the weather forecast, luggage size restrictions, items they recommend you pack (bathing suit, hiking boots), and where you’ll need to be to start your mystery trip. A few days before your departure, Pack Up + Go will send you an envelope in the mail with directions to your accommodation and a city guide – including a curated list of cafes, nightlife, and rainy day suggestions.

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