High-Tech Garbage Can Seals In Stinky Trash

July 25, 2019

After a long day at the office, nothing will ruin your relief of coming home than smelling the garbage can! Thankfully there's a high-tech garbage can, called Townew, which not only seals in odors, it also seals and changes the trash bag for you. All you have to do is press a button, wait a few seconds for Townew to seal the bag, then toss it in the outside can or dumpster while Townew replaces the bag for you. Townew is also smart enough to detect when the trash can is overflowing and will lift the entire top compartment in order to seal the bag without any spillage. Just once a month, you’ll have to do two small tasks: replace Townew’s recyclable refill ring, which contains 25 trash bags, and charge its battery for 10 hours. The 15.8-inch-tall trash can comes in teal or white and sells for $70, which includes the trash can and four refill rings.

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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