Swedish Town Uses Chicken Manure TO Deter People From Gathering At Park

April 30, 2020

Communities have used many tools to deter people from gathering in large groups.  In California, many cities filled up skate parks with sand to keep people out. However it backfired in one city as dirt-bikers came in droves.  However the Swedish town of Lund is taking a slightly different approach.  While Sweden has not imposed mandatory restrictions on social gatherings, they are discouraging the practice. It would explain why city officials have covered the town's entire park in chicken poop. The city dumped one ton of chicken manure in it’s central park to deter people from gathering to celebrate Walpurgis Night, marking the arrival of spring. In previous years, the event has drawn up to 30,000 people. The festivities are classed as “spontaneous” so cannot be banned by authorities, but to avoid the risk of spreading the coronavirus many towns and cities in Sweden have asked citizens to give the tradition a miss this year. To ensure people do not gather, the chicken poop not only fertilizes the park but the smell will surely cause people to skip the park.

SOURCE: The Guardian

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