Mayo, Florida Renamed Miracle Whip, Florida

August 30, 2018

© Ppy2010ha | Dreamstime

Get ready to see Mayo in the news for a while.  The county seat for Lafayette County underwent some cosmetic changes last weekend and has become Miracle Whip, Florida!  Kraft Heinz offered the town $25,000 in city beautification funds to change the town's name from Mayo to Miracle Whip; going as far as replacing the sign on the fire department and re-painting the water tower. Last Friday, Mayor Ann Murphy issued the proclamation announcing the name change in a ceremony at Veterans Memorial accompanied by Miracle Whip representatives as well as a film crew that has spent most of the week filming in town. While Kraft Heinz had hoped to make an official announcement Monday (8/27/18), word quickly spread through the town of 1,200 people and the secret was out!  However there is no need to download an update for your maps to include the name change. The name change is only temporary while Miracle Whip uses the name change in advertising over the next few weeks. Miracle Whip includes many of the same ingredients mayonnaise (oil, eggs, vinegar and water) but does not have enough oil to be called mayonnaise. #NoMoreMayo

SOURCE: Suwannee Democrat & USA Today

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