Tips On Taking A Flattering Photo When Someone Hands You Their Phone

April 9, 2019


Although selfies are the rage there is the very rare occasion when somebody will stop you and ask if you'd take their picture.  Being out of practice in taking someone else’s photo can lead to some awkward glances when you hand the person's phone back. So here are some tips in taking a flattering photo when someone hands you their phone. We have seemed to abandoned the traditional "1,2,3" countdown before snapping a picture. At the very least, this lets someone know the photo is actually happening so they can make their own choices. Just give everyone this baseline moment to focus. Make sure to choose a flattering angle. While crouching down may seem like a good spot to get all the features in a photo, it isn't a flattering angle for many who are self-conscious of their body. A photo taken from slightly higher will look better on almost everybody. Also, if you’re taking a photo of a group in a beautiful location, you’ll be more likely to actually capture some of it in the image. Remember going to the mall for family photos? The photographer would most likely say, "Chin down, shoulders back" as people inherently tilt their chins up in a photo. That can lead to an unflattering result. Not to mention overall slouching. A reminder of good posture will result in a good picture. Finally check in when you hand the phone back. Ask the camera phone owner is and see that they got what they need. They’ll usually say yes out of politeness no matter what, so ask them if they'd like to change anything instead.  It offers the person an opportunity to really get a photo of a lifetime, all thanks to you!

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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