Packing Your Car For A Road Trip

July 2, 2019

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Time to load up the Family Truckster and hit the road!  Not so fast!  Space in your vehicle isn't unlimited and you got to leave enough room for yourself and your passengers along with everyone's stuff! So pack your car, truck, SUV or van smartly by limiting the amount of snacks.  An essential part of any road trip, a good rule of thumb is to ry to fit all of the perishable stuff, like cheese sticks, fruit, and melty chocolate, in one lunchbox-sized cooler. The rest of the snacks of the non-perishables like chips, cookies, and trail mix should be small "fun size" for maximum space. Try and pack all your stuff into one carry-on size bag. Take a page from air travel and limit your attire and toiletries to a carry-on. Consider clothing’s that can be repurposed for multiple looks and limit shoes to a pair of flip flops and sneakers. Leave room for pillows and blankets to make the ride more comfortable.  They're also handy for any activities you might spontaneously add to your itinerary, like stargazing, a picnic in a field, or a little side trip to the beach. While most of your stuff will travel in the trunk of your car, make sure not to over pack.  Leave some room for souvenirs, an unexpected bargain at an estate sale or gifts from family and friends you are visiting.

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SOURCE: Elite Daily

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