Pet Halloween Tips To Keep Them Safe

October 4, 2018

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By now you've given some thought into Halloween.  From decorating your home or work space to selecting costumes for you, the kids and even the dog! Pet experts offer some advice so that your pets will also enjoy Halloween. First, make sure you are careful with your decorations.  A lot of extra candles around to create an eerie feeling may be a disaster for a wagging tail or curious cat.  Also check to make sure your pet hasn't chewed on any electrical wires if you use Halloween lighting. Remember that candy is for humans and chocolate can be deadly for your pet.  Also potentially deadly is Xylitol, a sugar substitute found in candy, gum, mints and baked goods.  It is toxic to pets and can cause liver damage. So keep the candy bowl away from their noses and mouths. Not all pets love the feeling of dressing up, but if you'd like them to join in on costumes, experts say to introduce it to them slowly rather than springing it on them on the holiday itself. Make sure costumes include eye and ear holes, and if they don’t, consider removing whole portions of the costume to ensure your pet’s ability to see, hear, and breathe. Remember Halloween can be scary for pets. Anything out of their normal routine could lead to some anxiety, from an influx of people in costumes flooding the neighborhood streets, to consistent knocking on your door. If you have a particularly nervous pet, keeping them in a separate room of the house, away from the front door, so they don’t attempt an escape or feel threatened by the steady stream of dressed-up visitors.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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