Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Used Electronic Gadgets

May 6, 2019

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Chances are you have an old cell phone, laptop or a fitness tracker you no longer use.  The good news is those gadgets are worth some cash by selling them. Whether you go for eBay or Craigslist or an electronic store to sell them, these are the mistakes to avoid making along the way. IF you decide to sell them online, pictures are key. You might be tempted to only take one or two snaps, or even use stock images to save time. Don't. Sharp, well-lit photos will not only show potential buyers what they’re getting themselves into, but they also act as insurance for you: They show the condition of the gadget as it is before you parted with it, including any marks or scuffs. Make sure you take pictures of the device you’re selling from every angle, and in particular any noticeable damage. Make a note of and photograph serial numbers for your records (don’t include them in the listings). This gives you extra protection if someone does try to keep your original device and return a damaged imitation. Before wiping your device clean with the factory re-set, make sure to run a backup. It’s easy to think about the big stuff, like photos and that huge spreadsheet that you do all your financial planning on, but don’t forget the little stuff too. Make sure you've backed up your instant messenger conversations, photos you’ve posted to social media, downloads you’ve saved from your browser, and anything that’s not already in the cloud. If you’ve got the time, it’s a good idea to go through your apps one by one and make sure that any data inside them is safely stored somewhere else. Now that you've wiped clean your device, it's time to clean the outside. It can make a huge difference in the price your gadget fetches and how much interest there is in it. Dirt and dust can make your device look older or less powerful than it really is, so clean them up. Cleaning up your gadgets also means you can spot any marks or damage you might not have noticed before, and add them to the listings you’re making. Any defects like this must be declared up front, even if the final price of your gear is affected—it saves so much hassle and worry down the line, it’s not worth trying to be deceptive about it.

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