Keep Your Kids Reading For Pleasure With These Tips

March 27, 2019

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A new report confirms what many parents already know. The percentage of kids defined as frequent readers, considered those who read books for fun five to seven days a week, drops from 57% among 8-year-olds to 35% among 9-year-olds. It's called the “decline by nine” phenomenon. While 9-year olds have a lot going on with schedules packed with sports, extracurricular activities, social events and homework, it is also in third grade when standardize testing usually begins.  While the study did not make a link between testing and reading, it does find that children become less interested in reading for fun around 9. So it's time for some parenting and we've got some tips to help spark the joy of turning pages. Don’t stop reading to your kids once they learn how to read. While the bedtime is usually reserved for younger kids who are not able to read on their own, continuing to read to already-proficient readers can be beneficial. It can help them devour more complicated plots. Also, being part of their reading experience can help you navigate tough topics with them, such as peer pressure and body image. Capitalize on moments.  Bedtime may not be the best time to read. Perhaps waiting for their older siblings in the pickup line is.  Or perhaps arriving a few minutes early to soccer practice.  Rather than a daunting task of homework reading, some fun reading offers you and your kids a much-needed break. See technology as a bridge—not a barrier—to reading. For kids who love their computers, phones or tablets, use them as an aid to open new portals. For example, if they follow YouTuber Mike Wilson (formerly known as Coma Niddy), who raps about math and science, look for books on the topics he explores. And remember that comic books are books too. If your kid likes them, encourage them to go even deeper into the format. Help them explore genres they might be interested in, such as fantasy, classics or even nonfiction.

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