How To Handle A Bad Haircut

July 25, 2019

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Few things are more traumatic to your confidence than a bad haircut. From stylist using poor techniques or not fully understanding what you want to your getting exactly what you thought you wanted but end up hating it. But the damage has already been done, so how to work with it to boost your confidence?  Tips from the pros that you can use. The first is to make sure your hairdresser fully understands what it is you want. Someone who allows you to speak about your hair and asks a lot of questions is usually a good stylist. Show them phots of what you want and if there are more than one, make sure you clearly state the focal points of each so they can create a unique look for you. Also take the expertise into consideration too. If your stylist was a little too happy with the scissors, consider a new do, or a second cut.  A slanted, shoulder-length cut can transform into a wavy lob, and a choppy bob can quickly become an edgy pixie. You can also add layers to correct some haircuts. Ultimately, scheduling a follow-up is your best bet to getting an updated haircut best suited to your needs. Finally, you can try clip-in extensions and take them to your stylist to have them trimmed to blend with your natural hair. There are also a wide variety of temporary hair clips that come in various textures, so you can mask the issue, whether your hair is straight or curly.

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