Professional Hashtag Creators Offers Advice in Creating Wedding Hashtags

February 28, 2019

Social media has changed us in so many ways. For recently engaged couple making plans for the wedding, having a hashtag is just as important as the wedding cake! However it isn't as easy as it sounds and demands for just the right hashtag for guests to use when posting pictures and videos that there are actually professional people to help you create the perfect hashtag! The key is to keep it simple and to make it as distinct as possible.  So word mashups work (Think Brangelina).  You can use a couple name generator to create your own name mashup.  Alliterations work too.  Create a saying starting with the same letter as your first or last names, such as Mike Marries Molly or Marrying Malloy. Also don't feel confined to one hashtag, say experts.  Using multiple tags works too. If nothing is sticking, ask your online friends and family. The Instagram Questions function or Twitter poll could be a great place to go if you're looking for fresh ideas or just feedback. Whatever hashtag you decide to use, make sure it is on everything associated with your wedding. From Save The Date cards to invitations to the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Take this chance to really have fun with this part of your wedding-planning process. You might be stumped at first. You might even have to sleep on it. But know that once come up with the wedding hashtag(s) that are perfect you, you'll have a big, lovely, digital diary of one of the biggest milestones in your life.

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