Tips Of Buying Bed Sheets

January 28, 2019

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Nothing screams excitement quite like shopping for bed sheets.  While it's easy to find a set of good-looking sheets, it's difficult to judge the quality of a new set by its price or package. However knowing that sheets share common properties will at least give you some guidance.  For instance, most sheets will shrink with time, which is why you should replace them on a regular basis. The average sheet shrinks up to 6%, which can be a problem when the fitted sheet no longer fists your mattress. Making things worse is some sheets reach this shrinkage in just a few washes while others over a few months. Materials make a difference.  While cotton is king, cotton blends, rayon, and polyester have different properties. Bamboo sheets have become very popular as it is softer and more breathable than cotton. However for their higher price points, they tend to shrink the most and due to its absorbency, will take longer to dry when cleaning. Polyester sheets rarely shrink but may be uncomfortable to sleep on as it doesn't absorb water (sweat). Finally thread count doesn't mean performance.  While higher thread counts generally means softer sheets, it doesn't mean they will perform better.  For most instances, a 300 to 400 thread count sheet is ideal to balance price and performance.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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