Tiny Ways Strong Couples End Up Splitting

September 10, 2018


When it comes to relationships end, we generally blame the biggies: cheating, money, irreconcilable differences. But the dissolution of a good relationship lies in the much smaller details. They’re daily habits we develop that create distance between a couple and most likely, we're all guilty of doing these at least some of the time. The biggest on the details list is communication. While it's natural to get consumed with daily life, it’s important that we make a concerted effort to come back to communicating with our partners and set aside time to reconnect, like a weekly date night. If you find yourself keeping track of all the things your partner did or didn’t do and all the things you did or didn’t do by comparison you could be setting yourself up for failure. A tit for tat score card put both you in a defensive state and not really listening to what each other is saying.  Another no-no is to say yes when you mean no. If you say yes to attending a party when you've worked overtime all week and need alone time is not being honest and those tiny white lies creates a context of instability, and your partner feeling like you’re unreliable and like their needs are not important. Speaking of alone time, take care of yourself first. So if you're not taking time for yourself, don't be surprised if you're struggling to connect with your partner. Carve out some me time to replenish your own sense of self, and you might be more willing to connect with others. Finally, make an effort to ditch technology. That's not just your smartphone.  Turn off the TV and make time talk and more importantly, listen. 

SOURCE: SheKnows

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