Reclaim Your Weekend With These Easy Steps

May 10, 2019

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Weekends tend to be the time in which we feel that we can catch up on life. You push off laundry until the weekend. You can finish that work project over the weekend. You can re-organize your garage this weekend.  The thing is weekends are not infinite and are two precious days we relish when today is finished.  The problem is all those projects you pushed into the weekend are now stressing you out and become just as busy as a weekday.  So here are some tips you can use to reclaim your weekend and recharge your mind and body.  First make sure you put in an activity that will make you feel refreshed first.  Wither it's a park picnic, an exercise class or even reading time.  Make sure your "me time" is first in your weekend. Otherwise you run the risk of that recharging time squeezed out of your weekend. Next trim down what you want to accomplish. It’s normal to want to get some items ticked off the to-do list over the weekend. But you’ll feel more accomplished and less frustrated if you narrow those down to a manageable size. Even two to three items that you really commit to getting done is a great win. While buying running shoes and cleaning out the freezer doesn't sound like a lot, they're items you can check off your list and that has a calming effect on your mind. This is a much better approach than to decide that you’ll buy new shoes, a new coat, a new computer, clean out your refrigerator and freezer, and bring donations to Goodwill in one weekend. You’ve set yourself up for failure before you begin, and by Sunday night, you’ll feel frustrated and exhausted. The next step is preparing for the weekend. To successfully implement the above steps, you need to do the right prep during the week. This means engaging in small projects throughout the week so that they don't accumulate to one big weekend project. Perhaps run the vacuum on Thursday, go grocery shopping on a Wednesday.  The idea is to do those necessary chore usually reserved for the weekend during the week so they are already complete once you get off work Friday. Finally you need to know your limits. If you have to work, limit it to 90 minutes. Agree to one to two social engagements. Implement family day where you only spend time with your spouse and kids. These little tweaks will put you back on track to truly recharging over the weekend instead of stressing over it.

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SOURCE: Fast Company

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