The $113,000 355lb Advent Calendar

October 25, 2019

© Andrew Toth / Stringer


Just as pumpkin spice has taken over fall, companies are jumping on the recent specialty versions of the traditional Advent calendar for Christmas. From wine to dog treat, it really should be a surprise that even luxury brand Tiffany & Co. is jumping on the trend too. The Ultimate Advent Calendar will defiantly be a conversation piece if not for it's $112,000 price tag but for its weight of 355lbs! For those wishing to purchase it, it will be delivered and assembled by the Tiffany & Co. famed "white glove service" reaching a height of just over four feet and two feet wide. As you'd expect, the Tiffany & Co. Ultimate Advent Calendar contains 24 special trinkets such as a Tiffany T Extra Large Smile Pendant in 18k Rose Gold with Diamonds, Tiffany Victoria® Earrings in Platinum with Diamonds, Everyday Objects Sterling Silver Harmonica, Tiffany 1837 Makers 22 mm Square Watch in Stainless Steel with Diamonds and more,  really making Christmas gift-giving a month-long festival!

SOURCE: Newser

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