Woman Celebrates Her Divorce By Blowing Up Her Wedding Dress

November 14, 2018

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Divorce can be a rough art in a couple's life and when the papers are finalized, it can be quite a relief as the next chapter of your life begins. However the stress of a bad marriage and its ending is handled differently by people. Take for instance Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler of LaCoste, Texas. After the end of her 14-year marriage last Friday and wanted to wash her hands of the marriage once and for all. She went up in the attic of the once home and threw away pictures of her with her ex and her ex himself.  She remove her wedding band and has plans to sell it.  She then encountered her white wedding dress.  While friends and family suggested that she donate it for premature babies and baptism gowns, but she wanted something a bit more symbolic. She decided she would burn the dress. But it was her dad and brother who suggested upping the ante and adding explosives into the equation. She thought about it and decided to do it at the climax of a party with friends and family.  So last weekend, she invited about 40 friends and family member's to her family's farm, where the wedding dress was propped up on top of 20 pounds of explosive material. A friend who works as a bomb tech offered safety advice, suggesting they stand far back considering how much explosive material they were working with. She walked back 200 yards with a rifle in her hands.  She turns and takes aim at the dress and fires one round.  The shot ignited the explosives causing a large 'boom' and fireball into the night sky.  The explosion was so violent that neighbors 15 miles away called to check on her well-being. Kimberly said it was liberating pulling the trigger and felt it was the proper closure.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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