The Code That Can Open Nearly Any Hotel Room Safe

October 29, 2019

© Divi Filius / Getty Images


If you thought putting your valuables inside a hotel safe ensured their security, you might be wrong. In fact, those tiny boxes do little to guarantee your prized possessions' safety. Most hotel rooms contain a Safloc digital safe in the room, where you enter a four-digit code and "enter" to lock the safe and re-enter the code to open it as well as clear the code used. Although it sounds pretty easy to operate safe to put your wallet, medications and jewelry in while staying at a hotel, many hotel operators never reset the administrator code when it was shipped by the manufacturer, which can allow anyone to open your room's safe at any time. A thief can put the safe in “super user” mode first by pressing the "enter' button twice and then the code 999999 (6 nines), to open the safe; all without your code! Of course, you can try the "super user" mode before trusting it with your valuables and if it still is on the factory default setting, ask management to change the master code.

SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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