The Ten Funniest Words In The English Language

December 7, 2018

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A new study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, took a look at what exactly makes some words hilarious. Scientist say they've found the ten funniest words in the English language. While words can be hilarious because of their meaning or connotation alone, this study simply looked at the literal sounds of words.  The funniest words are: upchuck, bubby, boff, wriggly, yaps, giggle, cooch, guffaw, puffball, and jiggly. The study identified six different categories into which you can divide funny words: sex, bodily functions, insults, swear words, partying, and animals. The funniest words, the study found, had a tendency to appear in more than one of these categories. They also found that funny words follow a particular pattern of sound. he letter "k" and the sound "oo," for instance, are apparently more likely to be found in funny words than non-funny words, the researchers found.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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