Teach Your Kids To Blow Their Own Nose

September 12, 2019



If there's one job parents would gladly surrender to your children, it's extracting the snot from their little noses. Although many kids are developmentally ready to learn to blow their own nose at age 2, some don't succeed until 7 or 8. So try and teach your child how to blow their nose with a little game that involve a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball on a flat surface in front of your child.  Then try to get them to move the cotton ball with air blowing out of one nostril while keeping their mouth closed. Once they've mastered that, it's time to introduce a tissue. Have them gently press one nostril closed while she blows with the other, then switch sides. Also make sure to make a full sweep by having them dispose of the used tissue to prevent the spread of germs.  Keep practicing and as soon as the first chill of fall arrives, they'll be able to take care of theri own noses!

SOURCE: Offpsring

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