Tattooed Areas Of Skin Produce Less Sweat

October 2, 2020

Tattoos are more popular and socially acceptable than ever. But those who have used their bodies as a giant canvas for permanent ink with meaning might have a little trouble cooling off. That’s because tattoos might actually be interfering with sweating, according to a new study. The finding of the study showed that skin covered by a tattoo produced roughly 15% less sweat than unmarked skin. This echoes a pervious study that found that tattooed area of skin not only produced less sweat but the area contained twice as much sodium. Although the researchers aren’t yet sure exactly what’s causing this change, they said it could be because the ink blocks the sweat glands or because the tattooed area creates an altered chemical environment, which could cause your body to steal sodium from nearby cells. While smaller, individual tattoos shouldn't be too much of a concern over the loss of sweating, larger sleeves and more areas of your skin inked may be a potential health concern in keeping your body's temperature regulated.


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