Clean Your Dishwasher With Tang!

April 30, 2019

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Contrary to popular belief, the artificially flavor drink Tang was not invented for Astronauts to drink on their voyage to the Moon in 1969. In fact, NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin famously said "Tang sucks" in a 2013 interview.  The powered drink mix was actually created in 1957 by General Foods Corporation food scientist William A. Mitchell, who also created Pop Rocks, Cool Whip and a form of instant Jell-O!  But back to Tang, it offered 100% of the daily dosage of Vitamin C and other nutrients and was one of several powered drinks NASA picked up in the early 1960s and used in space flight to conserve space.  However most Astronauts preferred Tang (Sorry Buzz) and was indeed aboard Apollo 11 as it became the first manned mission to land on the Moon. Today Tang is sold in 35 countries and is a billion dollar brand. But did you know it can be used to clean your dishwasher?  Many people simply think they need a new dishwasher after a cycle or two that results in dishes that don't look much cleaner then when they went in.  if your dishwasher has a unique smell when its opened, it's time to clean it and according to dishwasher technicians themselves, a cheap hack in cleaning is to run an empty cycle and fill up the detergent dispenser with Tang.  The citric acid in Tang that delivers Vitamin C to your body is a powerful clean too that is great for cleaning and disinfecting. Once a month, simply empty your dishwasher, turn on your kitchen sink until the water runs hot. Then shut off the faucet when the water is hot, start your dishwasher and let he cycle run for two to three minutes and then stop it. Pour Tang into the detergent dispenser and sprinkle liberally along the bottom rack as well. Finally shut the door and finish the cycle. You'll never have to deal with funky odors and caked-on food again and can even celebrate with a glass of Tang for yourself!

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SOURCE: First For Women

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