How To Convince The People To Take COVID-19 Seriosuly

March 19, 2020

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We now have a virus that spreads like the common cold, but as deadly as a heart attack, with the mortality rate for coronavirus and a heart attack is basically the same, at 15% for anyone over 55 years old. With facts like this, why are there still so many people, particularly older Americans, acting blasé or downright combative about CoVID-19? Doctors say that the human brain has a hard time understanding exponential growth. People just can’t comprehend that yesterday things were fine, then 24 hours later all major sports are canceled then in five days all of society is suddenly shut down. Talking about health issues with our parents and grandparents was already hard and recent events have made these conversations even harder. To help prepare you for these difficult conversations with some of the older people in your life, here are some tips from mental health professionals for how to get the job done. One of the reasons our more mature population may not be taking this outbreak seriously is that they watch the news and see that it affects the “elderly” or “vulnerable.” However one's self-worth makes it nearly impossible for one to refer to themselves as old or vulnerable. Instead focus on the hard data that refers to actual ages (as in, the numbers). Reassure them that you can stay in touch using technology. The idea of social isolation may be scary for them, so if they’re able to see other people via FaceTime or Skype, that might help. Listen to their concerns. This is especially crucial when talking to people about COVID-19.  Instead of just talking at people and rattling off all the reasons they’re wrong, ask them about their concerns and address each one to the best of your ability. That way you’re able to hone in on exactly what is most relevant to them. Be factual. Reviews the World Health Organization or Centers For Disease Control websites and school yourself on the facts.  

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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