What To Look For In A Roommate

March 25, 2019

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Living with someone can be tough. Not only do you need to sync your life to work well with another, but you're letting someone into your space to also make it theirs. That's why looking for a roommate is definitely a process, and you may need to go through a few options before finding the right person to share a home with.  According to a survey from SpareRoom that involved over 6,000 roommates and roommate-seekers in the US, there were about 25 key factors that can make roommates friends forever. Researchers found that about 99% of respondents want roommates who are respectful, responsible, honest, and that are clean or neat. About 74% of roommates said they definitely didn't want to live with a smoker. One in three participants said they wanted roommates to share a similar sense of style, to exercise, to like plants in the home, and to bake as well as to be willing to share a Netflix subscription, so they can save money. And drinking habits were also a huge factor. 25% of people said it's important that their roommate drinks wine, while 40% of respondents in their 20s wanted someone who can party and have some fun.

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